Once upon a time...

In the past, the young and charming Mei was very appreciated by her entourage. She was gracious and had an incredible talent for cooking. Every evening, she and her family and friends organized feasts where food and flavours from all over Asia were gathered around a huge table. Conviviality, sharing and laughter were in order! His banquets were known throughout the village.

"Mei Mei, can you make us your good egg rolls for tonight?" cried a villager.

"Mei Mei, will you be able to make your delicious lacquered duck too?" Another said.

Wherever she went, Mei was proclaimed and adored by everyone.

Years passed...

The more the years passed, the more his cuisine echoed in the surrounding villages, then in the neighboring cities and in the whole country! Very quickly, the famous cuisine with authentic flavors of Mei went around the world!

That’s how she got to France.

Mei Asia 

Mei Asia is the expertise of a cuisine with authentic tastes and flavors of Asia, taking all the values that Mei tried to transmit to his entourage.

Mei Asia is to declare how much we love those with whom we share the kitchen because in Asian customs, love does not always pass by words but rather by dishes prepared with love.


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